My Bucket List

Few years ago, I came across someone’s bucket list while surfing the internet. It quickly inspired me to create my own list, but I never write it down until now. So lazy me HaHaHa…

So, here is my bucket list, where I list all 101 things I want to do, feel, experience, see, and achieve before I die (or before the world ends). Actually, on this bucket list, I don’t write anything that I’ve already achieved before, such as: travelling alone to many countries, solo hiking, swim with little sharks, visit world’s tallest tower, visit Harajuku, take photos with Hachiko, biking in snow, see Penguins, etc.

I will continuously update it as I complete current items.


[1] ride at least 10 world’s record-breaking roller coaster from around the world (by Aug 2011: 5 – T Express, Fujiyama, Eejanaika, Dodonpa, Takabisha)

[2] fly in a hot-air balloon

[3] win a main prize (min. IDR 100.000.000)

[4] pack my bags and set off for a random location with no itinerary for at least 10 days

[5]  live in 3 different countries for at least six months (by Sept 2011: 1 – Japan)

[6] skiing & snowboarding (I’ve already plan for both on 20 March 2011, but unfortunately it was tsunami in Japan on 11 March 2011, so I canceled it.)

[7] try out vegetarianism for 1 months

[8] increase my TOEFL score (passing at least 650)

[9] get my Doctorate Degree/PhD Program in U.K. (by Dec 2017)

[10] travel to Europe

[11] travel to U.S.& Antarctica

[12] travel to Australia

[13] visit all Disney Park around the world

[14] try Bungee Jumping

[15] go on a cruise vacation

[16] climb Mt. Mahameru (inspired by 5cm)

[17] become a CEO of a big company (past: vice director)

[18] visit all ASEAN countries

[19] experience zero gravity

[20] do public speaking in front of 2.500 people or more

[21] build my dream home

[22] see Cherry Blossoms/Sakura in Japan, Korea, and China (by March 2011: Japan)

[23] see a Monalisa in Louvre and taking photos of Eiffel

[24] learn graphology

[25] publish at least 10 SCOPUS Indexed Journals (by Dec 2025)

[26] publish at least 50 Proceedings (by Dec 2020)

[27] try to launch my own company on Jan 2016

[28] try indoor skydive

[29] learning archery

[30] play golf

[31] feed a Koala Bear

[32] feed a King Penguin

[33] see a Kangaroo

[34] swim with Dolphins

[35] try horseback riding

[36] swim with sea turtles

[37] meet the President

[38] write and publish 5 books (on progress: 1 book)

[39] collect a set of LEGO

[40] collect a set of Tomica

[41] eat at a Michelin 3-star Restaurant (hopefully Jiro Sushi)

[42] complete a 1.500 pieces Jigsaw Puzzle

[43] learn photography

[44] race a Go-Kart

[45] ride a Camel

[46] ride on a Limousine

[47] solve Rubik’s Cube in less than 150 seconds

[48] ride on 3 world’s record-breaking cable car (by Okt 2014: world’s steepest cable car in Langkawi)

[49] sleep in a Capsule Hotel

[50] sleep in a treehouse

[51] take a train cross country

[52] touch a Pyramid

[53] take a picture from helicopter

[54] attend the Songkran Festival in Bangkok

[55] watch 100.000 shots fireworks (or more)

[56] ride in a Gondola in Venice

[57] eat in the Underwater Hotel (Maldives)

[58] eat in the Waterfall Restaurant (Phillipines)

[59] be invited to speak overseas

[60] walk across a desert

[61] visit The Leaning Tower of Pisa

[62] firewalking

[63] witness a meteor shower

[64] have a MINI Cooper

[65] have a mentor

[66] visit 30 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

[67] take selfie picture at The Great Wall

[68] sleep in an Iglo

[69] master Poker and win big at the Casino

[70] obtain some professional certifications

[71] be a member af an exclusive club

[72] build a sand castle

[73] get married with the one I love

[74] participate in a marathon race

[75] fly first class

[76] visit a ghost town

[77] visit Stone Henge

[78] visit Easter Island Heads Statue

[79] experience the London Eye

[80] attend Anthony Robbins’ seminar and meet him in person

[81] train a dog and win a medal

[82] honeymoon in Paris

[83] be a master in Statistics

[84] visit Komodo National Park

[85] explore Bali

[86] play tennis

[87] record a song

[88] attend a masquerade

[89] visit all about Hello Kitty places (by Aug 2011: Hello Kitty Cafe – Korea, Sanrio Puroland & Hello Kitty Stores – Japan)

[90] ride on a dog sled

[91] meet someone with my own name

[92] get into the Museum Rekor-Dunia Indonesia (MURI)

[93] be in a movie or on TV

[94] throw a boomerang

[95] take photos with Mr. Bean

[96] become a brand consultant

[97] reduce sugar intake

[98] learn to meditate

[99] achieve financial freedom

[100] get healthy and reach 100 years of age

[101] have a romantic getaway at an exotic location


PERHATIAN!!! Boleh copy-paste, tetapi mohon cantumkan sumber dengan linkback ke Terima kasih!!!


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